Links and Friends

RRENEW stands on the shoulders of many great organizations that have inspired, trained and connected us. They range from advocates for responsible use of the Appalachian mountains to organizations that facilitate concrete steps towards a sustainable future. Here are some of them:

Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewardsan organization of concerned community members and their allies who are working to stop the destruction of our communities by surface coal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area, and to help rebuild sustainable communities.

Mountain Justice – A regional Appalachian group dedicated to ending abusive strip mining and promoting a sustainable economic transition from unhealthy dependence on coal.
The Clinch CoalitionA local organization whose mission is to “protect the forest, wildlife, and watersheds of the local National Forest and surrounding communities for present and future generations.
Appalachian Community Economics – Visioning for more creative solutions and viable economic options and sustainable communities in Appalachia.
Intentional Communities – The Henry St. House and RRENEW Collective is based on a cohousing model inspired by intentional communities across the country and internationally.
Appalachian Sustainable Development – ASD focuses on developing healthy, diverse and ecologically sound economic opportunities through education and training, and the development of cooperative networks and marketing systems. A well established non-profit working in Southwest Virginia.

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