About RReNEW

Remembering and ReEnergizing Neighbors Economies and Watersheds

The RRENEW Collective was created in the Summer of 2009 in the spirit of facilitating the placement of volunteers with organizations working for a sustainable Appalachia in the coal dependent region of Southwest Virginia. Several of the founding members of the collective have worked with a variety of organizations striving for a healthier Appalachia, in volunteer and staff capacities, and created RRENEW in order to advance these and other organizations. The Collective operates a volunteer house in Appalachia, Va, where volunteers from near and far can live and work together. Read about our mission and values.

Here you can read about our current endeavors, see pictures of our work, and communicate with the collective. If you have suggestions for the collective or questions, contact us at rrenew.collective@gmail.com. We are currently looking for interns and volunteers for 2012 and 2013, and you can read more about our internships here.

2 Responses to About RReNEW

  1. kim grove says:

    Hey Marley and Jessie and the rest of the amazing collective!
    Just checked out the website and it is mighty impressive and inspiring. Wanted to say “hi”, I love y’all and keep up the spirit of resistance and evolution! It is a daunting task but you folks are really doing the work and I am sure the reverberations of what you are up to are far reaching. Thankyou! hugs, kim

  2. WV hollergirl says:

    Hi All-

    great job and I really love the Story Telling Project – I felt like I was there listening to my family…

    One day all of this should be in a Museum- our fight for our heritage and our children’s right to live.

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