Host RReNEW MTR Workshop on your Campus

This fall the RReNEW Collective is going barn storming, and we want to storm a barn near you!

Now growing into its second year, RReNEW is ready to travel to your community and bring the stories of Southern Appalachia to you. We offer interactive presentations on Mountaintop Removal and Environmental Justice. We offer workshops on community and campus organizing to help you and your group build the skills you need to make change in your community. This Fall we bring the fight for Justice being waged in Appalachia to your town, build your skills, and connect you to the broader movement for a better tomorrow, today!

Are you interested in bringing RReNEW to do a presentation near you? From October 24th to November 4th we will be traveling up the East Coast, and we would love to visit your school, church, community or neighborhood! Contact us today by email at, or by phone at 276 565 2073.

Presenation – Interactive, popular education based presentations on Mountaintop Removal and Surface Coal Mining, Environmental Justice in the Coalfields, Watershed Health or Social and Environmental History of Appalachia

Campus and Community Organizing Skills – We can offer a Community Organizing Day Long Retreat, or a number of 1-3 hour long workshops on basic organizing skills like:
Working with the Media, Campaign and Strategic Planning, Event Planning, Coalition Building, Non-Violent Civil Disobedience/Direct Action, Running an Effective Meeting, Meeting with Decision Makers, Anti-Oppression and Collective Liberations, others of your choosing, or a combination of the above. We are also able and willing to help you troubleshoot or plan your own campaigns in strategy sessions your group.

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